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Fake Queen
Tuesday, 1 April 2014 | 23:01 | 0 comments

i'm such a fool 
sakit hati , sakit sangat 
tak mampu nk tahan 
padan muka , knp degil sangat 

klaw boleh tamao jumpa dia dah 
it hurts too much 
even klaw ada reunion kelas punn
tamao p kalaw boleh 
tamao jumpa 

knp cpt sgt brubah 
am i that fool 

i should've prepared
ney bukan first time 
cuma kali ney mmg lain 
jelas mcm bg harapan 
nvm, aku yg perasan lebih 
i've just have to let it go 

pray that i'll be strong :') 
cause it's too much 
i can't bear it alone 
i need someone for now
i need a shoulder to cry on 

i'll be fine one day
insyaAllah :)

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