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Fake Queen
Tuesday, 30 January 2018 | 01:47 | 0 comments

have you ever feel like you're abandoned ?
like no one cares about you.. 

no one asked if you're okay, so you just act like everything is okay..

got ignored when you asked for help, hello, a simple 'no' should be better than nothing. 

he could've said no when i asked for help. but he didn't.. 

life's hard when you have no one to hold on to but yourself. 

i'm still a child.. but i guess everyone thinks i've grown up and can do things on my own. 

well, i don't. i still need people to guide me. i still need someone to decide something for me instead of just telling me to plan something on myself. 

at this time, i feel totally alone.... and idk how long i can handle this


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